Some Complications May Occur

Hey, look, everybody! It’s Friday again! Want to see a movie or something? Assuming you can leave your homes, of course. Kinda snowy out there today.

All in Good Time: East is East and West is West screenwriter Ayub Khan-Din puts an East Indian spin on the 1966 comedy The Family Way, with Reece Ritchie and Amara Karan as newlyweds in search of a little alone time. Susan is not terribly impressed.

Identity Thief: Horrible Bosses star Jason Bateman and director Seth Gordon enlist Bridesmaids‘ scene-stealer Melissa McCarthy for a comedy that, from the tone of my Twitter feed after Wednesday night’s screening, does not seem to be making anyone happy. It’ll probably rule the weekend.

Lunarcy!: Simon Ennis’ documentary explores the strange attraction the moon holds for certain members of the human race. Certain … obsessive members. If you’re in the mood for something weird and charming, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

Middle of Nowhere: Ava DuVernay was hailed as a major new talent when she brought her feature debut to Sundance last year, winning Best Director. I’ll allow that she’s very good with actors, but I’m not quite feeling the movie as a whole.

Side Effects: Steven Soderbergh, why you gotta go out like this? I mean, there are so many other genres to subvert … don’t make any harsh decisions, is all I’m saying. Nice work with Jude Law and Rooney Mara, though.

Tchoupitoulas: Three teenagers and a dog spend a night wandering New Orleans in this evocative documentary from Bill and Turner Ross. Andy loved it at Hot Docs, and loves it still. (Opens Saturday at the Bloor for a limited run.)

Oh, and Portrait of Wally opens at the Bloor on Tuesday. It’s pretty good too, as is Only the Young, which screens there tonight, tomorrow and next Thursday. I’m throwing that a little love in today’s NOW Daily column, to which I’ll link later this afternoon.

And now you’re fully prepared to go out and see something! Again, if you’re not buried under a snowbank somewhere.

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