Small Victories

The restraining order specified a minimum distance, and I'm sure this isn't itFirst things first: Yay for the New Orleans Saints on the occasion of their very first Super Bowl win, which brings some joy to their still-struggling town four and a half years after the levees broke. (Somewhere in Dallas, Bush probably thinks he’s responsible for the victory.)

And boo to the viewers of Puppy Bowl VI for choosing bug-eyed freak Jake as the event’s Most Valuable Puppy. That’s just not right — did they feel nothing for Kiva? She tried so hard!

Turning to newer stuff, the A.V. Club has two excellent pieces up for your consideration: A Valentine’s Day-themed Inventory of 22 romantic-comedy characters who don’t actually deserve love — they remembered Jada Pinkett Smith in “Woo”, which is kind of awesome — and Nathan Rabin’s latest My Year of Flops case file, dedicated to Alec Baldwin’s lost feature “Shortcut to Happiness” … the adaptation of “The Devil and Daniel Webster” where Jennifer Love-Hewitt played the devil.

Sometimes, a movie gets lost for a reason …