Site Domination: Achieved

The new DHARMA substation was stranger than anything Sayid expectedYup, that’s my byline all over the MSN Movies main page today — on my latest DVD column (on the long-awaited theatrical version of “Grindhouse”), on my interview with Paige O’Hara, the voice of Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” (who’s touring to promote the film’s release on Blu-ray, another DVD story) and on a bonus movie gallery evaluating the AFI’s top 20 quotes, to see how the choices stack up five years later.

Hey, I told you I’ve been busy …

7 thoughts on “Site Domination: Achieved”

  1. As far as GWTW quotes go, I’m partial to, “You deserve to be kissed, and often.” The greatest pick-up line in the history of pick-up lines. 🙂

  2. Not sure how apocryphal this story is, but Davis’s “Fasten your seatbelts…” quote was so associated with her at one time that she was once on a plane, left her seat, and was walking up the aisle when the seatbelt sign came on. Apparently the whole planeload of passengers spontaneously started laughing. Mae West has so many good quotes of her own, it would be a shame if people didn’t mentally hear this one with Davis’s delivery.

  3. Mr. Wilner,

    You claim that “Take the guns, leave the cannoli” would have been a better quote to “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Of course this is subjective. In fact, it would have been subjective should this former quotation existed.

    The correct quote is “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” (Clemenza to Rocco, after they kill Paulie, in Godfather II).

    Konstantin K., Montreal

  4. hey mr norm…ur comments on the most famous lines..uuhhmmm..i think u missed one of the best ever quotes..because ur decisions did not include the #1 in my mind..from the movie PAPILLON..with steve mqueen..after all he was put through..then he escapes…now the famous line …”i’m still here you basterds ” do u agree..i wish to here ur reply…Danny

  5. @ Danny — It’s a great line, but it didn’t make the AFI’s list, so I couldn’t address it. There’s a lot of stuff that didn’t make the cut, sadly.

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