Sick Day

Is that a trivection oven?I have come down with a very obnoxious cold — stupid New York subway contagions — and I’m planning to spend the rest of the weekend hopped up on goofballs and chicken soup.

But I’d never leave you guys completely without content, so here’s an excellent Onion AV Club interview with Edgar Wright, director of “Spaced”, “Hot Fuzz” and my beloved “Shaun of the Dead”, as well as my weekly NOW Daily blog post, in which I encounter the strangest example of cross-platform marketing, like, ever.

You know that scene in the “30 Rock” pilot where Alec Baldwin pressures Tina Fey to write sketches in which characters are shown to be using and enjoying GE’s new Trivection Oven?

… yeah, she wasn’t kidding.

3 thoughts on “Sick Day”

  1. After that bizarre mix I want the terracotta warriors to come to life during the opening ceremonies, and Brendan Fraser and Jet Li to compete.

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