Shouting Just to Be Heard

No hidden agendas here, folksMy latest Sympatico/MSN movie gallery ties in to the release of “Religulous”, running down seven other confrontational documentaries.

I know the inclusion of “Borat” stretches things a little, but then so does the inclusion of “Expelled” — and we’re all about generating conversation, right?

Anyway, you see my point.

One thought on “Shouting Just to Be Heard”

  1. Hi Norman,

    I’m a documentary fan and I found your “7 most shocking documentaries of all time” list, so I started watching the ones I haven’t already.

    Yes, “Borat” does stretch things a little but what really shocked me so far is the inclusion of “Deliver Us from Evil”. I know it was nominated for Oscar and I can see why religious people might find it of value but …shocking? It is the absolute most boring documentary I’ve ever seen!

    What am I missing here?


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