Hiro knows only one can surviveThe news broke over the weekend that Bell and Microsoft were shuttering Sympatico/MSN and preparing their own separate sites — but don’t worry, I’m fine.

As of today, I’m over at the shiny new I’ll be doing my usual thing, covering movies and video and even doing the occasional television story, like this morning’s interview with James Kyson Lee from “Heroes”. (The new season? Expect twists!)

Oh, and MSN’s massive Fall Movie Preview? That’s mine, too.

The master link at the right of the page has been updated to reflect our new reality. Click away!

2 thoughts on “Shatterday”

  1. Other than saying I’m looking forward to Men Who Stare at Goats and Capitalism: A Love Story, I’m going to deliberately fail to do justice to the scope of your list by focussing on a comment for Sorority Row. You wondered if there was nothing “they” wouldn’t remake. My husband and I are still waiting for some sadistic filmmaker to remake the two movies that traumatized our respective childhoods: Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things (my husband) and The Light at the Edge of the World (myself). Just throwing them out there to anyone lacking inspiration.

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