Several Million People Continue to Like This

Wow, Ebert just doesn't get it, does he?Well, look at that: “The Social Network” held on to the top box-office slot for a second week! David Fincher’s acclaimed Facebook creation myth pulled in another $15.5 million to stay ahead of the $14.6 million opening of its closest competitor, “Life as We Know It”.

“Secretariat” came in a distant third with $12.6 million; that’s a shame, I’d hoped the critical dust-up between Andrew O’Hehir and Roger Ebert over the film’s subtext would encourage audiences to check out the source of the controversy.

… okay, not really. It’s a vile film and should be left alone to wither. But it would have been nice to see critical writing drive attendance. Although I suppose that’s happening with “The Social Network”, on some level, so I’ll stop griping now. Enjoy the holiday Monday!

3 thoughts on “Several Million People Continue to Like This”

  1. Good for ‘The Social Network’, but I have a question. A week ago you said “Arne Hammer delivers what may be the line of the year.” But there were lots and lots of lines. Which one were you talking about? For me, “I’m getting a REAL drink” is the one that stood out.

  2. That’s a good one, but my pick is “I’m six foot three, I weigh two hundred twenty pounds, and there are two of me.” It’s just so perfect.

  3. Norm,

    Sorry, but I’m with Ebert on this one. SECRETARIAT may be a fantasy aimed at middle-class Christians who want their own underdog story, but so what? They aren’t allowed to have them? I mean, I didn’t see TWILIGHT either, but I don’t begrudge teenage girls having a movie that caters to their own tastes. I prefer sharp-edged horror movies myself, and it really gets *my* goat when reviewers imply such films shouldn’t exist and there’s something wrong with me for wanting to watch them. So I’m not going to applaud O’Hehir for indulging in tribalism.

    Yes, of course, the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, etc. are appalling. And I get that O’Hehir is appalled by them. But why take it out on this movie? You don’t think O’Hehir’s tacit equations of the film with cross-burning and Leni Riefenstahl (sp?) were over the top?


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