Set to Stun, Apparently

Star-Trek-Sequel-Movie-Image-1-560x428So Star Trek Into Darkness made $70.6 million this weekend — with a total domestic gross of $84.1 million if you fold in the take from its early IMAX runs on Wednesday and Thursday. And somehow that’s not terribly impressive, if you’re the Associated Press.

J.J. Abrams’ sequel — which I caught for the second time Friday night, and enjoyed mightily all over again — easily won the weekend, with Iron Man Three coming in second with $35.2 million and The Great Gatsby landing in third with $23.4 million. Pain & Gain, which took fourth place, earned just $3.1 million, which nicely indicates the yawning gap between the new, shiny breadwinners — all three of which are available in 3D — and the April titles still limping through release.

And that gap will get even wider when The Hangover Part III and Fast & Furious 6 face off against one another next week …


5 thoughts on “Set to Stun, Apparently”

  1. I’m surprised you gave this Trek movie a pass, Norm, despite its incredibly sloppy, lazy script that merely regurgitates characters and storylines from better Trek movies, and blatantly contradicts its own rules with no thought of logical coherence.

    As far as Wrath of Khan retreads go, I’d put it only slightly above Nemesis. The more I think about it, the less I like it.

      1. Completely agree about this second half of the season. I keep hoping the BBC will listen to fans who want a spin-off for Lady Vastra, Jenny, and Strax. I’d definitely watch it.

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