Sense ain’t Common

Funny story: The fireballs are realI was going to spend a few paragraphs debunking Sharon Waxman’s New York Times column yesterday, which stitched together a bizarre collection of industry assertions and half-truths to suggest that In the Future, All Movies Will Be Exhibited in 3D … but then I noticed Dave Kehr already has, so you should probably read that instead. He’s much more eloquent than I would have been in taking Waxman’s piece apart.

(UPDATE: Canadian readers will note that the Globe and Mail has reprinted it today, though it’s not included in the paper’s online edition.)

Instead, I will take a moment to bask in the equally bizarre but entirely pleasurable sensation of having been used to debunk The Guardian’s misreading of the failure of “Grindhouse” in John Harkness’ Cannes coverage of the expanded “Death Proof” over at Now.

Did that sentence make sense? I’m not sure that sentence made sense. Kinda giggly from all the link-love.

2 thoughts on “Sense ain’t Common”

  1. Speaking of “Grindhouse”, I have to admit that your review was spot-on. “Planet Terror” was lots of fun, as were the trailers, but “Death Proof” totally blew it.

    Although, walking out of theatre with my friend, a fellow film buff, I was surprised to find that he really liked Tarantino’s piece and was bored during the Rodriguez one.

    Just goes to show you…what, I’m not sure.

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