See, “Suck” Has a Dual Meaning Here

Ten bucks says this turns into a 'Glee' jokeToday in new releases: “Vampires Suck”, the latest insta-spoof from Jason Friedberg and Eric Seltzer, the marketing geniuses who gave us the undying classics “Date Movie”, “Epic Movie” and “Meet the Spartans”, and of whom, in a perfect world, we would speak no more.

The trouble is, their movies are cheap to produce and generally profitable, so Fox loses nothing by throwing ’em on the market. Although this time, things might be different: According to the Hollywood Reporter, a work print of the film has leaked online, where it’s been downloaded by approximately 100,000 users. If I’ve done the math right, that’s about two-thirds of the opening-weekend audience.

Poor Fox. First the Wolverine debacle, now this. It’s almost like someone in a position of access and power is trying to warn people about the low quality of these movies. I wonder why he or she didn’t leak “Knight & Day”, too.