Second Time Around

Well, sure, if the pioneers HAD had sunscreen, things would have been very differentFor some odd reason, I’ve been doing a lot of repeat interviews this month. In the new issue of NOW, for example, I catch up with Kelly Reichardt nearly three years after we sat down at TIFF to discuss “Wendy and Lucy”.

Reichardt’s new film, “Meek’s Cutoff”, marks a departure for her; it’s a period piece about American pioneers, but it’s no less insightful, artful or politically charged than her earlier work. And if you’re not familiar with that earlier work, check out her New Auteurs series down at the Lightbox this weekend; she’s only made a handful of features, and every one of them is worth discovering on the big screen for the first time.

Also in this week’s paper, I take a look at the Toronto International Deaf Film & Arts Festival, which opens tonight with the rather disappointing “Adventures of Power” … but gets much more interesting with Saturday’s program of shorts, docs and features. And since it’s our Sellout issue, I squeeze out a little more of my Hot Docs interview with Morgan Spurlock on the subject of product placement in the movies.

“Mac and Me” came up, but I think it’s better if we all just continue to ignore it.