Same Same, But Different

Fourteen. Why, how many times have YOU seen 'Groundhog Day'?New issue of NOW, new set of interviews: This week, I talk to the effusive, charming and surprisingly tall Michelle Monaghan, who has the odd job of playing the same eight-minute scene over and over again in “Source Code”, and the similarly endearing Jessica Pare, with whom I caught up this week while she was promoting the home-video release of “Mad Men: Season Four”.

I also had occasion to dig out my TIFF interview with James Wan and Leigh Whannell for the theatrical opening of their semi-successful “Poltergeist” update, “Insidious”.

But wait, there’s more! Specifically, a review of “Essential Killing“, which opens at the Lightbox today, and a look at the 2011 iteration of the always-intriguing Images Festival. Because it just wouldn’t be spring if the city wasn’t clotted with niche festivals.

(Why, yes, they are working me to death! Thanks for noticing!)

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