This week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie is kind of a smorgasbord, with my guest Jonathan Gross as eager to talk about his company Unobstructed View being the new Canadian distributor for the Criterion Collection as he was about his film choice, Garry Marshall’s The Flamingo Kid.

That said, Criterion is kind of a big deal, and Jonathan is such an engaging storyteller that I was happy to let him take our conversation wherever he wanted, which included his very personal connection to Marshall’s 1984 coming-of-age dramedy (which, I was happy to see, holds up pretty well 35 years later) and that time he had lunch with Pauline Kael.

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Also, Unobstructed View is currently having a Black Friday sale on Criterion and Arrow titles, with the best Canadian prices for those discs in a decade. So maybe check that out too.

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