Rocket, Man

Rocket Mayor 1Guardians of the Galaxy made money! Like, a lot of money! Specifically $94 million, which is the biggest August opening to date!

Who could have seen this coming? Well, anyone who was paying attention. Guardians of the Galaxy is basically Marvel’s Star Wars, and it’s taking hold in exactly the same way that movie did in 1977 — starting with the overexcited fan base (kids then, Marvel fans now) and spreading like wildfire to the rest of the population through word-of-mouth.

I’ll be very surprised if it experiences the usual precipitous second-weekend drop; you just know more people are going to want to see what all the fuss is about than could possibly care about the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot.

Second place: Lucy, with $18.3 million. Third: Get On Up, with $14 million.  No talking raccoon, no point.

3 thoughts on “Rocket, Man”

  1. Guardian of the Galaxy will probably also see a fair bit of business next weekend by claustrophobic and/or antisocial people, such as myself, who try to avoid the opening weekend crowd for popular movies. (It usually helps that I avoid the 3D showings as well.) I’m insanely looking forward to this one, just not enough to brave opening weekend.

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