Review Roundup

I See You And Your $22 Million GrossHaving spent the weekend playing catch-up with Friday’s theatrical releases and visiting my grandparents in the hospital (they’re both doing fine at the moment, thankfully), here’s another wave of reviews:

The Marine“: Like I said, you can’t exactly call it good or anything, but it has its moments. (And props to Jason for working a reference to “Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe”, perhaps the ultimate misuse-of-a-wrestler movie, into his Globe and Mail review.)

The Grudge 2“: Takashi Shimizu can still muster a creepy moment when he wants to, but the “Ju-On” franchise really just has the one trick, and it’s getting pretty used up. (And further props to Adam for quoting the Smiths in his Eye review, which made me wonder whether the next “Grudge” would be scarier if they got Morrissey to play one of the spooks.)

Kardia“: There was precisely one other person in attendance at the Saturday afternoon screening, so it seems almost excessive to point out how absolutely banal this movie is. And yet, you gots to fill the page.

More hospital visits today, plus “Marie Antoinette”. Now, there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.

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