Returning to Normal

What? They want to make … well, sorta. In a normal world, Metro’s website wouldn’t still be hibernating, and I’d be able to link to all of last Friday’s reviews, and the three new ones I’ve got in today’s Boxing Day issue, and the 2006 Top Ten that’s in there too. Not even a PDF link available. Bugger.

However, because I am kind and generous, here’s the skinny:

“Children of Men”: Alfonso Cuaron’s brilliant, despairing drama — based on a novel by P.D. James that I am officially dying to read — folds an absolutely portrait of a dystopian near-future England and a stunning visual sensibility around a tremendous leading performance from Clive Owen. Plus, it’s surprisingly funny.

“Dreamgirls”: I feel the same way about this overwrought, overdirected, over-everything Broadway adaptation as I did about “Chicago” … yeah, there’s a lot of singing and dancing, but what’s the big deal? That said, Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson are tremendously watchable, even if the songs they’re singing ain’t got nothing on real Motown music.

“Pan’s Labyrinth”: Have I not yet convinced you to see Guillermo del Toro’s magnificent nightmare? Did this post, and this post, and this post fail to convince you it was worth twelve bucks and two hours of your life? Really, just see the damn thing already.

Top Ten tomorrow. And guess what? “Pan’s Labyrinth” is on it!