Red vs. Blue

Dead or alive, you are coming with meEngadget reports that the first Neilsen VideoScan numbers for 2007 are coming in, and Blu-ray software is outselling HD-DVD software two to one.

Yeah, it looks like a rout, but I’d raise a couple of cautionary points.

First, the data isn’t title-specific, leaving us no idea whether a given dual-format release — say, Paramount’s “World Trade Center” or Warner’s “Lady in the Water” — is moving two Blu-ray editions for every HD-DVD sold.

And it follows that, if said date isn’t title-specific, then the sheer number of available Blu-ray titles would naturally lead to disproportionate sales when compared to HD-DVD, since HD-DVD only has Warner and Universal supporting its platform, while every studio but Universal is releasing titles to Blu-ray. There’s simply more Blu-ray available to be bought. (And Fox is releasing “The Marine” next week! Dudes!)

What the numbers do seem to imply is that the release of the moderately priced, Blu-ray capable PlayStation 3 has had precisely the effect that Sony expected it would — people are using it to watch high-definition movies as well as play games. And they’re not just upconverting their standard DVDs with it; they’re buying Blu-ray discs specifically for HD playback.

Christmas = PS3s. PS3s = Blu-ray sales. Blu-ray sales = eventual format domination. I’m not sure how underpants fit into it, but I probably just forgot to carry the three.

Oh, and if you want a peek into the die-hard, frothing mind of the early adopter, read the comments on the Engadget piece. It’s a lot more fun if you read them aloud in the voice of this guy.