Reasons to Be Cheerful

Setting up the HDTV was easy, but Hudson and Hicks kept fighting over speaker placementOkay, I got a little freaked out yesterday, and I’m trying to relax. Technically, the Fordpocalypse is still down the road a ways — he won’t be installed until December, and he’ll have to rebuild a lot of bridges before getting to implement any of his stupid, blinkered policies. It’s gonna be okay, folks.

And there is joy to be had in the world this week, particularly if you own a Blu-ray player. Check out this week’s MSN DVD column, which celebrates the magnificence of Fox’s splendid new “Alien Anthology” and Universal’s 25th anniversary edition of the “Back to the Future” trilogy. If you’re a fan of either series — and lord knows I am — you’re going to want to call in sick, roll up your sleeves and spend entire days digging around within.

Don’t have a Blu-ray player? Well, the “Back to the Future” set is also available in SD, but let’s look at the more pressing question: Why don’t you have a Blu-ray player? You can get the “Alien” movies on Blu-ray now!

4 thoughts on “Reasons to Be Cheerful”

  1. I know, hunkered down and re-watched Aliens last night, still holds up after almost 25 yrs.

  2. I was eight years old when I saw ‘Poltergeist’ and ‘Alien’ back-to-back at a friend’s birthday party. Previous to this the only scary movie I had seen was ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’.

    They left an impression.

  3. Wow. I suppose “Jaws” was the first scary movie I saw with the awareness that I was seeing a scary movie … and that was a viewing of the network broadcast.

    “Close Encounters” was probably the first film I saw that was genuinely frightening, but the intensity gives way to wonder fairly early on.

    Huh. It’s Spielberg all the way down.

  4. When I was in Grade 3, for a Halloween treat they showed us Nosferatu. My theory these days is that no one had watched it and only knew it was some old, silent Dracula movie.

    These days, the school would be burned down by angry parents. Back then, a few tears and a week of shrieking night terrors was no big.

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