Quiet Time

All of the week’s major releases opened on Wednesday, so today is an oasis of calm on the film schedule. Just three pictures arriving in theatres today.  It’s bliss.

“Elite Squad: The Enemy Within”:  Having made his bones with the powerful documentary “Bus 174”, Brazilian filmmaker Jose Padilha has wound up cranking out thrillers that are just as politically loaded. Here, he continues the police-corruption saga begun in 2007’s “Elite Squad”, expanding the scope of the tale as the cops declare war on drug dealers. I get the feeling Rad feels a little bad for liking it.

Klitschko“:  Documentaries about boxing can be exhilarating, thrilling, vivid examples of cinema — seriously, have you seen “When We Were Kings” lately? Sometimes, though, they’re just rote and formulaic, like Sebastian Dehnhardt’s dull look at the lives of two brothers from Ukraine who became world heavyweight champions.

“My Week with Marilyn”: Reviews of the latest Weinstein Company prestige picture have not been kind, but everyone (including Rad) loves Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe. Honestly, though, I’m more keen to see Kenneth Branagh play Laurence Olivier — a part he’s been gearing up for since 1989 or so.

Oh, and Amnesty International’s Reel Awareness Film Festival runs this weekend at the NFB, about which more here, if you’re curious. Me, I’m off to yet another year-end screening, because that is all I know.

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