Queens of the Road

This week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie was recorded immediately after TIFF, which explains why I’m stammering a little more than usual; I’m running on a sleep deficit of, like, a week.

But it’s a good episode just the same, because my guest is actor-writer-producer Kristin Wallace (whose new movie Moments of Clarity opens this Friday in Toronto), and she brought Ridley Scott’s Thelma & Louise to the studio.

Maybe you haven’t thought about Thelma & Louise in a while, but you really ought to. It’s a quarter-century old, but its themes are still very much of the moment … which is a pretty sad thought, honestly. We get into that, and a bunch of other stuff, so maybe check it out? Thanks, you’re the best.

You can find it on iTunesGoogle Play and Stitcher, or straight from the SEMcast site. Do that! Enjoy! Thelma and Louise would want it that way.

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