We're also big in JapanIf anyone was wondering, the chance to write a piece like this, and have it be featured as the section front rather than jammed into an anonymous box of text in the back of the book, is why I’m so happy to be over at NOW.

I mean, no disrespect to Metro, but they don’t do much in the way of the esoteric; they haven’t covered a Cinematheque film series or off-brand film festival in forever, making Adam’s recent piece on the Human Rights Watch festival something of a miracle.

I hope there are more of those. People need to know about the stuff beyond the mainstream — the good stuff, anyway, the stuff that needs to be championed by people who love it — and I’m truly delighted to feel like I’m doing my part again.

And on that subject, does anyone know whether “Streets of Fire” is screening at the reps any time soon?