Previously on “Lost”

We're not leaving until someone explains the DHARMA shark… well, it’s all previously, isn’t it? And now, with the show’s sixth and final season arriving on disc, there’s no better time to mull it over once more and piss off everyone who thought the ending was weak. So check out my latest MSN DVD column … if you dare!

Ah, who am I kidding? You totally dare.

Also, saying “Desmond is the bomb” just confuses people after season five.

2 thoughts on “Previously on “Lost””

  1. Maybe the Lost creators will eventually answer the remaining mysteries (if they want to) by doing what Joss and Zack Whedon are doing for Firefly fans – finally telling Shepherd Book’s mysterious backstory in a graphic novel (due out November 24th). I don’t think I’d buy a graphic novel about Lost, but I’m sure plenty of people would. And, of course, my Shepherd Book book is already pre-ordered!

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