Everything's bigger in AmericaSorry I didn’t post an update yesterday — the schedule was pretty crowded, with five movies in 12 hours, but then I had to squeeze in an emergency trip to the dentist.

The tooth is back.

Well, not back, exactly, but back to being a problem. It started feeling irritated again on Saturday, and by yesterday it was a full-on throbbing horror, so our increasingly invaluable jury wrangler found me a dental clinic just a couple of blocks from our hotel — and from the Regal, which was hosting three of our five films.

A couple of X-rays confirmed the diagnosis: Infection, swelling, serious pain, just like last time. And just like last time, I was given a prescription for antibiotics and megadoses of ibuprofen, though this time the very nice dentist threw in a few Tylenol 3s to help me sleep through the night. (He offered Vicodin first, but after seeing what it’s done to that nice Dr. House, I asked for something with a little less kick.)

So I’m a pillhead again, though I’m being careful to stay off the heavy stuff during the day. Not that certain titles wouldn’t have been improved if viewed through a narcotic haze, mind you.

A schedule adjustment has reduced today’s load to four films rather than five, so that’s a relief. And the antibiotics should start to kick in tonight.

That will be nice.

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