Pressing Matters

We’re closing NOW’S TIFF preview issue today, so you’ll forgive me if I play the six-word review game …

Backcountry: A man, a woman, a bear.

Cop Car: Kevin Bacon’s slow burn is hilarious.

Court: Drama deconstructs the Indian legal system. [Rad]

Digging for Fire: Great cast, no script, you know.

The End of the Tour: David Foster Wallace, road trip buddy.

Learning to Drive: Why you do this, Ben Kingsley?

No Escape: First world people, third world problems [Andrew]

The Second Mother: Scenes from the Brazilian class struggle. [Jose]

Turbo Kid: Ever have an 80s fever dream?

We Are Your Friends: A morality tale with a beat.

Z for Zachariah: The last humans are pretty hot. [Glenn]

Right! Back to work!

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