Picking Up the Pieces

Yes, it's that shot againFamily comes first, obviously. But I did get some work done this week …

Catch a Fire“: Talented director, true story, impassioned performances, massive Oscar campaign. And if the movie worked, that would be worth something.

Death of a President“: Roger Ebert said it best: It’s not what a movie is about, but how it is about it. This is a textbook proof.

Deliver Us from Evil“: Unrelenting and remorseless, until Amy Berg gets just a tad greedy in the last reel. But still entirely deserving of attention.

Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing“: It’s the Southern-fried version of “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster”, except all the introspection actually improves the music.

“Saw III”: The review will run in Monday’s Metro, but the short take is … yeah, great, it’s the goriest and most cynical in the series. Whee!

Seen “The Departed” yet? Even if you haven’t, this is still really funny.