Next, she'll play Sterling Hayden, just for kicksI have a cold.

I am whiny and sore and things are coming out of my head that really don’t look right.

And I have to see the unscreened Hayden Christensen anaesthetic-awareness thriller “Awake”, like, momentarily.

Fortunately, I have access to excellent baked goods and hearty soups, and the rest of the day is fairly low-impact. And if you’re in the Toronto area, there are new movies to see — specifically:

I’m Not There“: Todd Haynes’ multifaceted Bob Dylan movie doesn’t exactly, like, satisfy, but it has flashes of brilliance — particularly Marcus Carl Franklin and Cate Blanchett’s sequences — and will almost certainly be thirty times more enjoyable if you’re a rabid follower of Dylan’s music, rather than a casual admirer like certain people I could name.

The Life of Reilly“: A filmed record of the late Charles Nelson Reilly’s one-man show, “Save It For the Stage”. Actually, about half the show was cut for time, which may be why it seems so rushed and lurching. But Reilly is terrific, and if you’re at all interested in his story, you should drop by the Bloor and experience this with a crowd.

And now, to hit the drugstore and load up on goofballs before the movie …