Performance Anxiety

Photo by David Laurence, borrowed from NOW's siteJohn Harkness’ funeral is this afternoon. I’ve been asked to be one of the speakers, and I’m still not entirely sure what I’m going to say. I suspect everyone else is feeling the same.

There’ve been some very nice comments about him posted on NOW’s page, below Michael Hollett’s eulogy-slash-rememberance essay; there’ve been some less-than-nice ones, as well. That’s cool; John was always willing to defend anything he wrote, so long as his accuser didn’t try to take anything out of context, or misrepresent the sentiment.

That happens a lot, to all of us; you learn to keep one ear on the argument, to make sure the playing field remains level. I think I screwed up the metaphor there, but you get the picture.

Anyway. My first impulse was to approach this the way John would have — to be frank and honest and just the right side of blunt, the better to do justice to my subject. But that won’t work.

I can’t do it the way he did, because no one else could do what he did. And here we are.

On a related note, John filed his Top Ten Films of 2007 for NOW’s year-end issue before he died, and — as always — it’s worth a read. Even if he did fall for “Inland Empire”.

One thought on “Performance Anxiety”

  1. Good luck today, Norm. It is no easy task.

    John was blunt, honest and irreverent. You are a different person. Just be honest about your feelings about John which will probably be similar to everyone else’s feelings.

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