People Dig Applebee’s References, I Guess

Nah, the 'Teen Wolf Too' guy was hairierVince Vaughn may not be able to produce movies that anyone could call objectively good: “Couples Retreat” is okayish as entertainment, I guess, but like “Four Christmases” and (especially) “Fred Claus” it’s less a narrative than a series of noisy arguments strung along the thinnest of narrative structures.

But who cares? Audiences love the fast-talking schlub, and showed up for the movie in droves this weekend — to the tune of a $35.3 million opening gross. So, once again, Vince Vaughn is king of his very particular castle. The doors aren’t secure on their hinges, so it’s awfully drafty, and there’s a little kid running around peeing on stuff, but it’s still a castle.

I have a feeling Jon Favreau isn’t going to get the credit he deserves for the script, but he’s probably okay with that, given the props he pulls for the “Iron Man” movies. So that’s nice.