MADEMOISELLE-JULIE-Jessica-Chastain-Go-with-the-BlogHoly crap, this week. Major studio pictures, one of the worst movies of the year and not one but two documentaries about how powerful corporate interests control the world. Actually, three if you count The Hunting Ground.

Champs: Rad is not enamoured with Bert Marcus’ documentary about American boxing’s inability to protect its fighters in and out of the ring. And apparently it doesn’t mention Mike Tyson Mysteries at all?

Cinderella: Disney spares no expense in this live-action remake of its 1950 animated classic, and fortunately they put Kenneth Branagh in charge to make sure it didn’t get boring.

The Cobbler: Oh, you know.

The Hunting Ground: Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering follow their harrowing expose of sexual assault and insitutional indifference in the military with a harrowing expose of sexual assault and institutional indifference on the campuses of America. Swell.

Loitering with Intent: Want to see some actors have fun with a paper-thin premise?  Well, what if I told you two of those actors were Marisa Tomei and Sam Rockwell? Of course it would.

Merchants of Doubt: Susan finds Robert Kenner’s documentary about the professional obfuscators hired by corporations to muddy the waters on urgent global issues — like, say, climate change — worthy, but overlong. Funny, I felt the same way about the last documentary to kick at this particular can.

Miss Julie: Jessica Chastain’s take on Strindberg’s heroine is one for the ages, even if Liv Ullmann’s movie isn’t quite. (Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton are pretty good too.)

The Price We Pay: Harold Crooks’ documentary explores the sexy, hot-button issue of corporate tax avoidance; Susan finds it well-researched but decidedly uncinematic.

Run All Night: Liam Neeson does indeed spend a great deal of time on his feet his latest collaboration with Jaume Collet-Serra; this one’s not as fun as Non-Stop or as goony as Unknown, but it has a great cast and some good ideas.

The Search: Michel Hazanavicius’ follow-up to The Artist attempts to demonstrate he can tackle heavier material. Rad does not agree with this thesis.

Stop the Pounding Heart: Roberto Minervini’s delicate docu-fictional study of a young Texas girl just starting to assert her independence within her large Christian family has an almost suffocating intimacy to it. This is a good thing.

‘71: Rad really liked Yann Demange’s nervy period thriller, which stars Jack O’Connell as a British soldier separated from his unit in hostile Belfast. So did I.

Happy March Break, everybody! Don’t miss Tron and The Black Hole in 70mm at the Lightbox next week! (Yes, really.)

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