Out of the Past

This is pretty much how he lives anywayThis week’s NOW finds me talking to Stephen Dorff for the second time in almost nineteen years; as I explain in the piece, he and I previously met in the winter of 1992, when he was on the press tour for “The Power of One” and I was but a wee freelancer for the Toronto Star. Now, he’s the internationally known star of Sofia Coppola’s new film “Somewhere”, and I am somehow middle-aged and bald. I try not to take this personally.

Also, we received a wonderfully pissy letter about my “Film Socialisme” review, written by someone who clearly wasn’t going to let go of the insult he had in his head, no matter how incoherently it comes across on the page. Ten bucks says the guy didn’t even see the movie.

6 thoughts on “Out of the Past”

  1. Although I’ve never known you to “wank it” in a movie theater To be fair… its a pretty effin’ funny letter.

  2. Oh no. We won’t have to start calling Norm “Pee Wee”, will we? Lol

    I have had some vitriolic comments on past reviews, I reviewed Bean about 14 years ago, and was accused on being a fascist, sovereignist Anglophobe. The man in question never bothered to comment on just how atrocious the film was. C’est la vie.

  3. @ Dom — oh, the movie’s quality is never an issue. It’s more that your opinion somehow challenges their own. You should have seen the letters (and faxes!) I got in the early 1990s, when I dared to suggest that George Lucas was engineering multiple releases of the original “Star Wars” trilogy to squeeze his loyal fans for repeat purchases. You could see the occasional fleck of spittle on the page.

  4. I love hate mail. I received quite a bit of it when I suggested that a certain movie about blue space Thundercats riding dragons in a magical rainforest might be a wee bit stupid. Go figure.

    But what really perplexed me was the amount of vitriol I received for panning Transformers 2. Honestly, do you know ANYONE in real life who liked that movie? Even fans of the first one thought it was horrible. Yet somehow dozens of people jumped out of the woodworks to rail against my elitist snobbery. It was just weird.

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