Oscar Days Are Here Again

Shiny shinyIs it that time already? The Academy announces the Oscar nominations this morning, and as that’s happening I’ll be on my way to the CTV Newsnet studios for a 9:15 am hit.

Now, they specifically said this was going to be a pre-tape, so I’m not sure when it will actually air, but if you keep your TV tuned to Rogers Cable 62 for, oh, the rest of the day, you’re bound to see it.

I’ll try to have something coherent to say.

UPDATE: Clip’s posted! Check it out!

Also, for all the Paul & Storm fans out there: Go, “Slumdog”, go! You my friend!

2 thoughts on “Oscar Days Are Here Again”

  1. With the other actors nominated for Best Actor, I guess Richard Jenkins will have to be honoured just to be nominated, which is a shame for the solid, consistent actor. It was still nice to see him on the list.

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