Once More Unto the Sparkly Breach

I'm about to sneeze all the sparkle off youIn case you haven’t heard, “Eclipse”, the third film in the unstoppable “Twilight” saga, opens everywhere today. I haven’t seen it yet, thanks to a last-minute scheduling conflict the other night, but Glenn has, and he wasn’t impressed. I shall take his word for it, at least for the moment.

Oh, and though I included it in last Friday’s review roundup, “Love Ranch” didn’t actually open until today. But it’s terrible, so don’t waste another minute thinking about it, okay?

Far more noteworthy today is the reopening of the Carlton Cinemas, now under the stewardship of the Magic Lantern chain seven months after Cineplex gave up on the place.

I visited the theatre earlier this week (for a piece that should go up on the NOW site very soon — UPDATE: Here it is!) and was impressed by both the practical and aesthetic aspects of the renovation — and they’re screening free movies today and tomorrow (PDF link) to show the place off, so you should totally drop by.

One thought on “Once More Unto the Sparkly Breach”

  1. In what vampire universe are new vampires stronger than old ones? Did Stephanie Meyer get NOTHING right? Keep NOTHING traditional?

    Please bite the bullet and go see it, so the rest of us can enjoy your writing about it. Glenn’s review was fine, but you usually get into the creepy sexual politics involved in this series. Young women should know that Team Angel vs. Team Spike, or Team Bill vs. Team Eric, are far less emotionally damaging than Team Edward and Team Jacob. And they have vampires that act like traditional vampires.

    (I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD to see it, so I can get together with other Twilight-mockers to play a home version of Mystery Science Theater. If we did that in an actual theater, the Twihards would smother us in sparkle dust or something.)

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