Oliver Platt is the Man

I still believe 'Ready to Rumble' was underratedI don’t have much in this week’s NOW — hey, you try landing an interview with someone as secretive as Banksy sometime — so instead, I’d like to direct your attention to the AV Club’s amazing Random Roles segment with Oliver Platt. It’s like a master class in character acting, from a guy who’s built a career out of being quietly, unassumingly great.

Someday I hope to do an interview that’s half as entertaining as this one, and just as comprehensive.

Campbell Scott would be good. Or Samuel L. Jackson. Any other thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Oliver Platt is the Man”

  1. 12th & Delaware. Excellent. And infuriating. Based on this, and their earlier documentary Jesus Camp, I could never stay detached enough to be a documentary filmmaker. I would have to strangle someone.

  2. Platt was on Jimmy Fallon last night. He talked about date night with his wife, plugged The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (a film he had no connection with), talked about the Stieg Larsson books, freestyled a rap about Swedish serial killers and then raved about Plants Vs. Zombies. They should have him on every week.

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