Oh, for the Good Old Days

The new Tarantino looks to dominate the weekend, though it’s unlikely to knock The Lion King off its perch. Which, whatever, they’re both bad, go see The Farewell.

Astronaut: Richard Dreyfuss dreams of blasting off.

Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable: Remember Soul Surfer? Here’s the documentary.

Killing Patient Zero: Gaetan Dugas, finally reclaimed and redeemed. [Rad]

Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood: Great cast, decent idea, DAMMIT QUENTIN

The Other Story: Israeli family juggles religion, relationships, reconnection.

The Stone Speakers: Documentary questions the responsibility of tourism. [Kevin]

That’s it! Oh, except that I never posted my review of the new Veronica Mars last week, because it was released a week ahead of schedule as a Comic-Con stunt and I’d already posted the review roundup for the day. (Have you already seen the show? It’s good!)

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