Oh, Dear

I hope you've all learned a valuable lesson about persistenceSo “Passchendaele” was named Best Picture at Saturday’s Genies, though all of the other artistic awards  — direction, acting, editing — went to other movies, primarily Benoit Pilon’s “The Necessities of Life”. It’s a fascinating testimonial to the power of the patriotism/sympathy card.

Not since the year Istvan Szabo’s bloated, empty “Sunshine” took Best Picture — and nothing else — have the Genies seemed so … patronizing. (“But it’s the Canadian ‘English Patient’! We should honor that!”) Anyway, ceremony over, moving on.

Did you see the numbers for “Fast & Furious”? Holy freaking crap. $72.5 million for a fourquel to a series that nobody much likes … does this mean we’re going to get a third “Riddick” movie now?

I’m suddenly very tired.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Dear”

  1. Okay, this comment is completely unrelated to your post, but at least it’s about a movie that doesn’t make you tired. Just finished the novel Slumdog Millionaire (original title Q&A)and, this almost never happens, the movie is much better than the book. Other than the game show format and one flashback it’s completely different, so the Adapted Screenplay Oscar went to someone who pretty much rewrote the thing. I wonder how many Oscars went to screenwriters who did that versus ones who faithfully translated from page to screen, like Silence of the Lambs?

  2. Ooooh, in the third one, Riddick boosts a ten-second car, and goes smuggling illegal schtuff….with no headlights on!!! The man can see in the dark! It’s awesome!

    The Chronicles of Riddick: Too Dark Too Furious

    That sucker’ll make 80 mil easy.

    That having been said, avoid the fourquel like the plague.

    In fact, watch NASCAR instead…better story.

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