Oh, Come On Already

Twelve movies open today. Twelve. And the Human Rights Watch festival is happening, and I’ve been binging on Hot Docs all week. When do we sleep? Do we ever get to sleep?

Anyway. Twelve movies, six words each.

Beuys: Who was Joseph Beuys? An artist!

Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum: Legendary photography imprint gets its due.

Eye on Juliet: Surveillance drama boasts some strong performances.

Furious: Russian epic set in Mongol times.

I Feel Pretty: High-concept Amy Schumer comedy craters.

Kodachrome: Jason Sudeikis kills it in this.

Mobile Homes: Imogen Poots spins her wheels here.

The Scent of Rain and Lightning: This comes so close to working.

Spaceman: Josh Duhamel as Bill Lee? Okay.

Submergence: McAvoy! Vikander! Wenders! Kind of terrible!

Super Troopers 2: They’re back, they’re older, there’s Mounties. [Rad]

Zama: Lucrecia Martel’s festival smash finally opens. [Kevin]

And that’s everything. Back to Hot Docs stuff; see you on the other side.

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