Hey, it’s Friday! And you know what that means: Movies! Let’s get to it.

The Club: José folds a sharp take on Pablo Larraín’s latest into his larger piece on TIFF’s new series on the Chilean filmmaker. I’m not as much of a fan of Tony Manero, but that’s just me.

Crazy About Tiffany’s: That title isn’t ironic; retail documentarian Matthew Miele (Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s) is all about celebrating beloved high-end brands, rather than examining them. Glenn ain’t buying.

Embrace of the Serpent: Ciro Guerra’s allegorical drama uses two trips along the Amazon, separated by three or four decades, to paint a despairing picture of colonialization, conflict and ethnic cleansing.

End of Days, Inc.: Jennifer Liao’s dark comedy focuses on a handful of office drones who come to believe they’re closing up more than just their own shop; it’s got some problems, but I liked it considerably more than Susan did.

Guantanamo’s Child: Omar Khadr: Patrick Reed and Michelle Shephard examine the case of the Canadian child soldier captured in Afghanistan in 2002, and introduce us to the man he’s become. I admit it: I cried.

Race: Stephan James is very, very good as Jesse Owens, but the all-American hero of the Berlin Olympics deserves a better biopic than this clumsy, occasionally amateurish production.

Risen: Kevin Reynolds’ ungainly evangelical drama stars Joseph Fiennes as a Roman tribune searching for Jesus after the crucifixion. Spoiler: He finds him!

Touched with Fire: I more or less agree with Susan on Paul Dalio’s drama about a bipolar couple; Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby go all in, but the script ultimately lets them down.

The Witch: Robert Eggers’ dread-soaked creeper gets under your skin in the best possible way — though, as I say in my review, it goes on just a beat too long. (Not that this should keep you away, mind.)

And there we are. What’s up with you guys?

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