Of Walruses and Things

justin-long-in-tusk-movie-10Today is a very busy Friday, so you will forgive me for playing the six-word review game.

Annabelle: A Conjuring prequel. About the doll. [Glenn, later today]

Art and Craft: A forger confronts reality. Sort of.

The Good Lie: Not the Witherspoon joint you’d think.

Gone Girl: Fincher, Affleck, Pike. Slick, crisp, crackling.

Harmontown: Dan Harmon. Community genius. Miserable bastard.

Kite: The week’s worst movie. Just awful.

Left BehindNot the week’s worst, thank Christ.

Men, Women & Children: Jason Reitman worries about the Internet. [Andy]

Mommy:  Magnificent wanker gonna wank magnificently, yo. [Susan]

My Old Lady: Good actors, thin premise, no joy. [Glenn}

Tusk: Kevin Smith horror comedy. So, yeah.

And there we go! Gotta run, catch you later.

2 thoughts on “Of Walruses and Things”

  1. I can’t decide whether I think there was a game of rock, paper, scissors to see which reviewer had to go to Left Behind or got to go to Left Behind hoping for some sort of Nicolas Cage moment in the movie. I’d only watch it if the special effects team managed to CGI in random crocoducks unbeknownst to the filmmakers for the astute audience to spot.

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