Of Men and Monsters, And Also Hand Puppets

It's not the decades, it's the mileageThe latest issue of NOW is out, celebrating the life and legacy of the late Jack Layton — and rightly so, I might add. But there’s a lot of other content that was produced before Layton’s death … and some of it is mine, like my interviews with Guillermo del Toro, co-writer and producer of tomorrow’s “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” remake, and Lance Henriksen, who’s in town for Fan Expo Canada and a special screening of “Near Dark” tonight at the Underground. Lovely guys, the both of them.

Also, this week’s MSN DVD column went up yesterday, finding the common ground between Jodie Foster’s “The Beaver” and Tom McCarthy’s “Win Win”. You might want to check that out as well, while I wade back into the nightmare whirlwind that is the run-up to TIFF 2011.