O, Hollywood (Foreign Press Association)

Harvey Weinstein has killed people for lessThe Golden Globe nominations are upon us, and they are the usual mixed bag: IndieWire notes the snubbing of “Milk” and “The Dark Knight” — with nominations for Sean Penn and Heath Ledger, but nothing else — but also notices the strangeness of Clint Eastwood being nominated for Best Song, but not for Best Actor, for “Gran Torino”.

Having seen the film, and heard the song … well, I think they’re screwing with him.

Beyond that, it’s the sort of mixed bag you’d expect from an organization as, ah, disreputable as the HFPA … Woody Allen’s latest disappointment is up for Best Picture (Comedy or Musical); Tom Cruise got a Supporting Actor nod for “Tropic Thunder”, and Big, Important movies like “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, “Doubt”, “Frost/Nixon”, “The Reader” and “Revolutionary Road” get the expected love.

Strangely, Edward Zwick’s “Defiance” — which is more or less of a piece with the prestige projects listed above — came away with just one nomination, for James Newton Howard’s score.

Ah, well. It’s the Golden Globes; we all know they don’t really matter. Although I do hope that Neil Patrick Harris takes the TV Supporting Actor trophy. He deserves all the prizes his little stick arms can hold.