Now What?

You're funny lookingThis is one of those weird weekends for movies — the studios are expanding the releases of Oscar-bait films like “Gran Torino” and hoping for a boost from the Golden Globes ceremony on Sunday night, but they’re also dumping two utterly generic efforts into the mix in order to court the people who just want to see something shiny.

“Bride Wars”: Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson square off in a comedy about BFFs who turn on each other when their Perfect Weddings are accidentally double-booked at the same venue. I had something else to do that morning, but neither Susan nor Jason found much to love.

“The Unborn”: In which Odette Yustman walks around in her underwear a lot while having scary visions of eeeeevil children and gooshy bugs, while David S. Goyer throws a great deal of crazy at the screen and hopes some of it sticks. My review will be up on the NOW site later this afternoon; check back for the link.

Gotta run down to CTV Newsnet to talk about the Golden Globes at 9:15 AM; catch me if you can!

2 thoughts on “Now What?”

  1. Yeah, but when Eddie Murphy made “Norbit” it served as a reminder of the latex-and-misanthropy crap on which he’s coasted for a decade … what if the Academy tries to shift Hathaway onto a more noble path by giving her the Oscar at a point in her career when it might actually save her from Murphy’s fate?

    Oh, hang on, I just imagined what Hathaway’s “Nutty Professor” movie might look like, and now I’ve lost the sight in one eye.

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