Now is the Time for News

Ayup, there's a new sheriff in townHey, remember how I said there’d be big news over the weekend, and everybody thought it was the collapse of HD DVD?

Turns out there’s something else to report:


NOW Magazine is happy to announce that Norman Wilner has joined the NOW team as Senior Film Writer.

Raised in the projection booth of the Orpheum Theatre at Bathurst and Queen – his grandfather owned the theatre for four decades – Norm has been writing about movies for 20 years, mostly with the Star as critic and author of the Video File in Starweek and in Metro newspapers across Canada. He also covers the DVD scene for an estimated 4-million readers for Sympatico/MSN, has been a contributing editor for the internationally acclaimed film journal Cinema Scope, and has written for and edited Marquee Magazine and appeared in Montage and The Hollywood Reporter.

People have noticed. Testimony to his stature is his participation on film-festival juries in Toronto, London, Montreal and Palm Springs. His peers have also expressed their appreciation by recently electing him Vice-President of the Toronto Film Critics Association.

He will appear weekly in the pages of NOW and be a consistent contributor to NOW’s online component. With his background in television – he’s had a major presence on Global Television’s Entertainment Desk, on The Movie Network’s @ The Movies and on Rogers Television’s Your World This Week – he’ll be the public face of NOW’s film section.

As much as I cringe at the notion of seeing my career condensed into a press release … well, it’s all true, man! I’ll be making my first appearance in this Thursday’s issue … which means that last week’s reviews were my last for Metro.

So, that’s an end to my national presence. But here’s to the brave new world of the independent arts weekly!

19 thoughts on “Now is the Time for News”

  1. But NOW is out of Toronto. Isn’t that the same as “national”? 😉

    Congratulations, and thankfully there’ll still be Wilnervision… right?

  2. Thanks, everybody — and yes, fear not, there will always be a Wilnervision. Although now that the format war is over, I have so much less to write about …

  3. congrats norm!

    although i’ve been off NOW for the last while, it gives me a reason to read the film section again.

    though, i’m definitely glad to hear you’ll still be broadcasting wilnervision and on sympatico/msn.

    your stuff is always a pleasure to read.

  4. That’s fabulous news! Just think, next year your top ten film list will actually have ten films!

    One request. Please lobby for more essays and articles with a scope beyond the latest releases.

  5. Oh great….now I can’t read the reviews in NOW magazine. Goddamit you suck Wilner. I want you to disappear! What I DON’T need is you showing up in MORE Toronto publications.

    You are a blight on this city’s publications.

    However, it IS nice to know that I no longer have to suffer your unintelligent garbage reviews in Metro.

  6. Okay, maybe not disappear from the reviewing world completely (as you seem to have made a career from it at any rate, and SOME people seem to enjoy your reviews) ….just maybe you could review something else. Like music or something….that way I don’t have to read it.

    Sigh. Wishful thinking. Well, I am sure now that you’ll next move on to review films in a magazine I probably subscribe to, and then I’ll be forced to cease reading reviews altogether.

  7. Nah, it couldn’t be him — he swore he was done with me, so surely he’d never return.

    Plus, this guy has, like, a totally different name! And he reads NOW, not the little Metro paper.

    I mean, what are the odds?

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