November in California

I’m on the west coast for the next few days, playing tourist and enjoying the wonders of discounted Halloween candy. It’s a wonderful life.

But if you’re still in Toronto and chancing to pick up the new NOW, you’ll find me chatting with Robert Zemeckis, the director of Flight, and Jack McBrayer, one of the voice actors who gives Wreck-It Ralph its zing (and can be seen in the flesh as Kenneth Ellen Parcell on 30 Rock).

With the release of Skyfall looming next week, I wrote the requisite meaning-of-Bond thumbsucker and took a look at 007’s five most nefarious nemeses.

Also, I looked at a couple of titles in the Reel Asian film festival — First Time and the documentary It May Be Beauty That Has Strengthened Our Resolve: Masao Adachi — just because I’m well-rounded.

And now, to go outside. It’s nice here!

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