No Theories, Just Everything

3_OVERNIGHTERS_CongregationHalf a dozen film festivals of varying sizes get underway this week, as well as twelve new theatrical openings. I’m feeling a little overworked, I don’t mind telling you. But I cover as much as I can in this week’s NOW, because I’m just that committed.

Also everyone else was on vacation.

So: Here’s an interview with Scott Adsit, who is absolutely perfect as Baymax the robot in Disney’s new animated Marvel adaptation Big Hero 6 — and who’s another notch on my long list of Thrilling Adventure Hour guests.

Also, here is my Hot Docs-era interview with Jesse Moss and Jay Reinke, director and subject of the excellent new documentary The Overnighters, and here’s my TIFF chat with James Marsh, director of the so-so Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything.

I also take quick looks at the Reel Asian and Rendezvous with Madness film festivals, stuffing as many movies as I can into the space alloted. And I’ll catch up to the Diaspora and Ekran fests in tomorrow’s web column. Somehow.

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