No Such Thing As Too Many Spider-Men

"... and everyone should be asking, 'Where's Spider-Ham?'"

Awards bait to the left of us, awards bait to the right … here we are, stuck in the middle with Spider-Man. (Which might also win an award. It’s a good year for Spider-Man.)

Blaze: Who was Blaze Foley? You’ll see. 

Ben Is Back: Addiction drama, better than Beautiful Boy. [Michelle]

Mary Queen of Scots: Ronan and Robbie deserve much better.

The Mortal Engines: Haven’t seen it. Looks very silly.

The Mule: Eastwood’s best in a decade, seriously. [Rad]

The Quake: Remember The Wave? There’s a sequel!

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: YOU GUYS, SPIDER-HAM’S IN THIS!

Supergrid: Post-apocalyptic action from Team WolfCop.

And that’s everything, I think. Aren’t we lucky?

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