No End In Sight

Oh, it’s not enough that a few hundred features and shorts are barrelling at us thanks to TIFF. No, it’s  time to dump ten features into release, just to watch people’s heads explode. Six-word reviews, away!

Dave Made a Maze: Absurdist cardboard labyrinth slacker comedy.  Okay.

Expo 67: Mission Impossible:  A part of our heritage, kinda.

Good Time: Robert Pattinson’s great; so’s this movie.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard: Deadpool and Nick Fury kick ass.

Ingrid Goes West: Aubrey Plaza’s stalker picture really lands.

In This Corner of the World: Anime drama about Hiroshima, huh? Timely.

The Last Dalai Lama?: Religious figurehead considers his earthly position.

Logan Lucky: Steven Soderbergh, back in the game.

The Reagan Show: The packaging of a President, examined. [Susan]

This Time Tomorrow: Lina Rodriguez: Small moments, big meaning. [Rad]

There you are! And now I’m off to see one of the half-dozen movies opening next weekend. It never ends.

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