Nation’s Pride

61d77d518f3d9f74b1e29dcffc16c8c4ff8de6e9Well, there you go. Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper, nominated for six Academy Awards despite being terrible, continued to exert its terrible will on the world by grossing $90.2 million this weekend, its first in wide release.

Competition wasn’t even close. The Wedding Ringer opened in second with $21 million and Paddington took third with $19.3 million while last week’s champion, Taken 3, settled for fourth place with $14 million.

It’s not all bad news, mind you. Selma landed in fifth place with $8.3 million, dropping just 26.6% in its second week, and Michael Mann’s insufferable Blackhat tanked hard, opening to a thoroughly underwhelming $4 million. Maybe there’s a little goodness left in the world after all.

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    1. It’s during a phone call about a third of the way through the film: One of the McLaren boys stumbles in mid-sentence, stops and starts over, and Eastwood kept it.

      Ooooh, J. EDGAR. Another film best forgotten entirely.

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