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VictoriousSo “The Hurt Locker” took Best Picture, huh? Wow. Seriously, wow. I was sure “Avatar” would steamroll everything else for the top prize, simply because it was too big to fail. Well, I suppose James Cameron can content himself with that giant pile of money.

If you’re near a TV, I’ll be back on CTV News Channel around 9:15am EST to pick through the wreckage. Rogers cable 62 — tune in, if you dare! And then sidle over to the NOW home page this afternoon for Susan’s and my post-mortem podcast. I’ll have it linked as soon as I can. UPDATE: Linked!

Also: Boy, “Alice in Wonderland” sure made a hell of a lot of money this weekend. $116.3 million, according to the AP. Which is bigger than the “Avatar” opening weekend, therefore confirming (in the minds of studio heads, anyway) that the 3D epic is here to stay. Suddenly, next month’s “Clash of the Titans” has to be a world-beater just to stay relevant.

It’s just a matter of time before someone remakes “Bwana Devil”, isn’t it? The Earth is doomed.

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  1. Great that The Hurt Locker and Bigelow won…but when they started playing I Am Woman as she left the stage…ugh! History followed by tacky tribute to history in mere seconds. One wonders what cringe-worthy musical tribute was cued up if Lee Daniels had been the first African-American Best Director winner. Theme from Shaft, perhaps?

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