Monsters, Ghosts and Goslings

OGFBusy week, lots of new releases, you know how this works.

The Act of Killing: The play’s the thing. And how.

Adriatico My Love:  Just shut Telefilm down right now.

Blackfish: Killer whales aren’t born, they’re made. [John]

Casting By: Movie actors tell the best stories.

The Conjuring: Dopey horror, but some effective jumps.

The Conspiracy: Is it real? Not so much. [Rad]

Dragon Girls: Chinese martial-arts school. Serious pressure. [Susan]

The Hunt: Mads Mikkelsen goes through the wringer. [Rad]

Only God Forgives:  The Drive reunion does not spark.

RED 2: More of everything, and Anthony Hopkins! [Rad]

R.I.P.D.: Thursday night press screening. Bad sign.

That’s everything. Catch you guys later!

3 thoughts on “Monsters, Ghosts and Goslings”

      1. I can’t tell you how ever so disappointed I would be if I didn’t get a review of Turbo. 🙂

        Whenever I hear the title, I keep thinking that it’s an adaptation of the ’80s arcade game. Then I see that it’s about a snail and my heart sinks.

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