Milestones are Meaningless

… well, not entirely meaningless, since Someone Else’s Movie drops its 150th episode today, not even two and a half years after its launch. That’s several entire days of listening content dropped into people’s ear-holes! Nuts, right?

Well, this week’s episode is the shortest one I’ve yet released, thanks to the seat-of-the-pants nature of grabbing Paul Scheer during his TIFF stop for The Disaster Artist (which opens Friday, and more about that real soon).

But you know what they say about quality and quantity, and Paul was all in for Bowfinger, Steve Martin and Frank Oz’ charming — and almost forgotten — 1999 satire about Hollywood hangers-on, guerilla cinema and, um, Scientology. It’s a quick listen, but a sharp one. Do check it out.

You can download the episode straight from the web, but it’d be really appreciated if you subscribed to the show on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play or Stitcher. It would help the show immensely, which is something I need now that some jerk from Atlanta is stealing my concept (and my guests) and doing a terrible job of it.

Please and thank you? C’mon. You get 150 episodes of content, most of which are pretty great if I do say so myself.

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